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Our OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Scanning services are performed using high-resolution scanners and state of the art software for accuracy. The first service, Auto Feed Scanning covers all pages that can be sent through a document feeder. The second service is Manual Scanning and covers all other items including bound material, and other items that will not pass through the document feeder. OCR output can be in nearly any format you need: Word, text, database, spreadsheet, etc.

We at Paragon are equipped with the latest high-speed document imaging & scanning equipments to provide you with a fast, high quality and cost-effective scanning service. Our optical character recognition (OCR), document scanning and indexing services are probably one of the lowest cost services you will ever find.
Your paper documents can be scanned at our New Delhi facility and the images indexed and can be delivered in any format via FTP, CD or DVD for on-demand retrieval. We also have personnel and equipment ready to handle on-site projects in and around New Delhi.

We have multilingual optical character recognition capability and can clean up your OCR up to 99.999% accuracy  and convert to full searchable text XML/SGML/HTML format or text searchable PDF format.

Please feel free to contact us for any clarifications or for examples of contracts executed and references. We are willing to do a sample scanning for you to review at no cost or obligation.
PDF Conversions

We at Paragon can convert your paper documents, microfilms or scanned images to full text searchable PDF files.  
The Process:

  • Preparing the documents for scanning
  • Scanning the documents 
  • Checking quality of the scanned images and rescanning if there are any errors
  • OCR text recognition, optimizing & creating the specified PDF format
  • File naming as specified.

Full text search allows users to find specific information that may be contained in multiple PDF files.

Backed by professional management, and an efficient team of data conversion specialists and best business practices, Paragon has a solid track record of delivering value added digitising services. Over the years, we have grown consistently and carved a niche for ourselves as a high quality, cost effective and efficient service for converting and creating searchable PDF files.

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