We design books and create immersive reading experience

Be it books, e-books, journals or periodicals, setting up the structure and designing are vital. We offer book typesetting and pagination services to lay out the text, tables, charts, graphs and images in a specific pattern. We can also help you to convert, your books to e-books. Paying heed to the latest developments, we offer a complete range of services related to e-publishing, including typesetting, customized development, fixed layouts and e-book formatting.

At Paragon Prepress, you can receive following typesetting and e-publishing services:

  1. Managing Scientific, Technical and Medical (STM) books
  2. Work on running texts like biographies, novels as well as research journals
  3. Converting old books to e-book format
  4. E-book Creation Services in multiple formats
  5. Available for Kindle, iPad, Notebook, Tablets, Nook & Android devices

Typesetting no longer follows the traditional method of collaborating words and pictures; rather it is now a software based procedure, where we select the fonts, styles, paragraph, lines, justification, letter and word spacing quite carefully. Thus, we offer end-to-end services for composed pages which are available in both single and multi-colour presentations. We do keep in mind that the page layout is suitable to accommodate both the illustrations and the text.

Simple Text & Complex Typesetting: We deal with everything from simple text to complicated mathematics and chemistry for both books and journals.

Page Layout: Templates are developed at this stage. The structure depends on complexity of your text or layout. We can present you with PDF files which are printer ready. The page layout will depend on the type of book. As a book typesetting services provider, we not only provide book typesetting but also pagination services for forms with editorial expertise in handling the complete range of Scientific, Technical and Medical (STM) Typesetting.
We deal with everything - from simple text to complicated mathematics and chemistry for both books and journals. We have prior experience of typesetting School & College Books, Academic Papers, Research Publications, Novels, STM journals, Trade Manuals and academic books that include a wide range of subject areas from social science to mathematics.
Additionally, we also have the experience in working with accounting and law books. We can create impressive graphs, tables and charts used in STM. If you are looking for typesetting services for multilingual books, Paragon Prepress can easily do it for you.

Book Cover Designing: A book cover plays a significant role in attracting the readers as well as briefing them about the subject matter. Therefore, it should be designed appropriately.

E-books & E-pubs Conversions: As one of the premium typesetting service providers, we also deal with your e-book and e-pub conversions.

  1. Adobe Indesign
  2. Adobe PageMaker
  3. Corel Draw
  4. MathType
  5. Adobe Illustrator
  6. Adobe Photoshop

The kind of creativity and labor an author puts in building up a tale is immense. As typesetting service providers, we have the required professionals, who can look into your requirements and deliver customized solutions. Be it a novel, a coffee table book or a digitalized format, all genres of projects are handled with equal proficiency. For providing e-pub conversion services, we have all the soft equipments it takes to deal with creation, formatting and other services. We present the e-books in various formats like PDF, mobi, E-pub, etc.

As far as our client base is concerned, we work with educational institutes, first time writers, publishing houses, printing press, research organizations and renowned authors.

Typesetting & e-Publishing
Typesetting & e-Publishing
Typesetting & e-Publishing

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