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This is the proofreading that follows layout and typesetting. We check the page proofs and advise you whether correct typesetting conventions are being used. You will be alerted to any problems with the layouts, line breaks, special typographical symbols, appearance of type, etc. Quotes are provided on a per page basis on inspection of the material to be handled.


Our core editing team headed by our Chief Editor has a global experience that most such groups cannot match. For example, we are not challenged by the varied idiomatic expressions of English prevalent among minority groups in any part of the world . Like the best Wall Street brokers that crunch numbers for breakfast, our editorial department has a voracious appetite for words and expressions. They can also be hard taskmasters when it comes to following strict rules of grammar and punctuation.

Copyediting is done on 3 levels.

Light (baseline editing) includes:

Correcting faulty spelling, grammar, and punctuation like amending incorrect usage (such as "can" for "may" or "would" for "will").
Checking specific cross-references (for example, "As Table 14-6 shows . . .").
Ensuring consistency in spelling, hyphenation, numerals, fonts, and capitalization.
Checking for proper sequencing (such as alphabetical order) in lists and other displayed material.
Recording the first references to figures, tables, and other display elements.
A light copyedit does not involve interventions such as smoothing transitions or changing heads or text to ensure parallel structure. The editor checks content only to detect spots missing in the copy.

Medium editing
  • All tasks for light copyediting.
  • Changing text and heading to achieve parallel structure.
  • Flagging inappropriate figures of speech.
  • Flagging ambiguous or incorrect statements.
  • Ensuring that key terms are handled consistently and that the index contains all terms that meet client criteria.
  • Ensuring that previews, summaries, etc. reflect content.
  • Enforcing consistent style and tone in a multi-author manuscript.
  • Changing passive voice to active voice, (if requested).
Heavy editing (substantive editing)
  • All tasks for medium copyediting.
  • Eliminating wordiness, triteness, and inappropriate jargon.
  • Smoothing transitions and moving sentences to improve readability.
  • Assigning new levels to heads to achieve logical structure.
  • The key differences between heavy and medium copyedit are the levels of judgment and rewriting involved. In a heavy copyedit, the editor improves the flow of text rather than simply ensuring correct usage and grammar. The editor may suggest recasts rather than simply flagging problems and may enforce a uniform level, tone, and focus as specified by the client.
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