Paragon Prepress Inc., India is one of the deep rooted organizations in the publishing industry since 1991. It has stood as a leader in Desktop Publishing across the country with great efforts of its long standing brilliant team of experts. Paragon Prepress Inc., India is willing to step ahead in competition and creativity with ‘Talent Hunt’ that eventually will help us build a team of talented people around the globe.

‘Talent Hunt’ is a fair career opportunity for people who wanted to work as Freelancers, taking Online work or people who can operate job work while working from Home. The power of ‘Talent Hunt’ will help us boost and promote sharp minds. ‘Talent Hunt’ will provide a platform for such creative heads, who wish to avail more and more with just a spin of the FORTUNE WHEEL while sitting at home–‘Work from Home’ or while working with our organization–‘Freelancing’ with their own enjoyable hours. So just be a man behind the book and experience your talent, in turn we will be happy to bestow you.

    For qualifying the basis of selection one must have the following:
  • A reliable internet connection for staying online during work.
  • Approach to rightly configured computer/laptop/notebook.
  • Passion for work, in order to meet the stiff deadlines.

So anyone fulfilling all the above criteria is welcomed here, regardless of borders of location and experience. We want you to make good rapport and long term associations with our organization. Paragon Prepress Inc. is giving pool of choices of Part time/full time job to the aspirants. We have Ocean of opportunities for willing hands, so be a fire and give a flame to your talent with Paragon’s ‘Talent Hunt’.

We are offering following profiles in various services to our opportunists:

Book Typesetting/layout/e-Pub: Candidate must be proficient in using various styles and tools of InDesign Software.

Image Editing/Clipping Paths/Masking/Color Correction/Air Brushing/Cleaning/Dusting: Expertise in all or any one of the above image editing techniques.

Book Illustrations: Bright knowledge of Adobe Illustrator.

Proof Reading: Must be a graduate from English medium, with die-hard love for books and good understanding of colloquialism. Must possess a Quantum for Quality of work with profound knowledge of Grammar.

Copy Editors: Exposure of working with any Foreign Author or Publishing House will be an add-on. Must be well acquainted with the ability of book editing.

Corel Draw/Photoshop Expert: Well familiar with the charts, graphs and other tools of Photoshop.

Marketing Professional: A person with good marketing, presentation and convincing skills can surely yield good incentives and share. Must have good contacts in the industry.

Interested and serious candidates and aspirants are requested to apply on with their resume clearly mentioning their experience details, area of interest along with a piece of creative work

Hurry Up !! Soon can be a Boon.
talent hunt @ paragon infotek

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